Consumer Immersion

One of the most significant challenges for businesses nowadays is engaging with their customers. Business growth tends to divert our focus from the customers and we often end up neglecting their needs and wants. In order for us to gain an insight into the buying and purchasing culture of our customers we could use the tool of immersion to achieve this information.

Immersion will give us an insight on who are customers are and what they are looking for in a product. Only after understanding the needs and wants our customers we will be able to create an enhanced shopping experience. By putting ourselves in the shoes of our customers we will gain a first hand experience on the purchasing culture of our customers and the different thought processes behind their shopping journeys.

This powtoon presentation below was meant to be a symbolic demonstration of what we as marketers would have to do in order to gain a better understanding of our customers needs. In this case we used the demographic of a cat as a representation of our customers pool. In order for us to develop a product that has a high consumer demand we would have to place ourselves in our customers shoes. By doing this we exposing ourselves to a variety of different emotions and expressions a customer would feel when they think about purchasing our product. Only after understanding these emotions we will be able to create a product that best suits their needs and deliver a desired customer service experience.

This new marketing insight will help us be more socially engaged with our customers as it will help us pinpoint and eliminate any existing problems within the business. It will also help marketers strategize and take calculated business decisions in order to appeal to our customers preferences, needs and buying patterns. Therefore the identification of these new opportunities will maximise business growth and help achieve increased profits.

Powtoon presentation-

MarketCulture Blog – Using a Customer Culture for Competitive Advantage
Strategies for Creating and Maintaining a Customer-Obsessed Culture within Your Business  (October 26, 2012 by Christopher Brown)



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